Using Reasonable Interpretation — Xylem Group Blab ep #17 Aug 10

Reasonable Interpretation is a necessary concept for boards governing with Policy Governance, but it is also useful for anyone who is in a position to delegate by articulating policies. On August 10,2016, members of the Xylem Group explored how to use reasonable interpretation when governing or delegating with policy.

Xylem-Group and Using policy and reasonable interpretation

Click to go to the video recording of the Blab event

  • Is the concept of Reasonable Interpretation just for users of Policy Governance?
  • What is the scope allowed by reasonable interpretation?
  • What if the board does not like the interpretation?
  • How does a board learn how a policy is interpreted?
  • How does a board respond to an inappropriate interpretation?
  • How does this relate to nonprofit governance?

Since policy can arise at any level in an organization, this discussion is about how to delegate effectively by articulating policy. <==click to view the video recording of the discussion on Blab.

You may hear, or download, an audio-only podcast of the Blab event here:

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