Requirements to Govern — Xylem Group Blab ep #18 Aug 17

Notice: This episode did not happen due to the demise of The Xylem-Group would still like to explore this topic, and several more we have planned. For now, we are still wondering how to proceed. We apologize for any inconvenience. See the next blog article for our reflections on this development
Join us on Wednesday Aug 17, Noon EDT, when we discuss what are the Requirements to Govern?

Blab "Requirements to Govern" with the Xylem Group on 2016 Aug 17

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  • What board members must learn to govern effectively?
  • Should the job of governing be intuitive?
  • Are those who govern expected to be statespersons?
  • What are the reasonable costs of good governance?
  • What common practices of governance result in poor governance?

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