What Value is Provided by the Nonprofit Board?

On July 10, 2017, Linda Stier and John Bruce of the Xylem-Group explored the value that can be provided to an organization by its board.

They were joined in the Chat Room by Sherry S Jennings and Robert J Ballantyne.
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John argues that the board governs for its ‘owners,’ and they decide whether the board is adding value. John talks about his experience being on the 30-person board of a community college where it took him a couple of years to understand the culture. It took him a long time to realize the the board didn’t really know why the members where there. From the chat room, John is asked if the board members should try to fit in with the culture of the board, or should each behave the way each thinks is right? In another anecdote, and on another board, he recalled protecting an employee who was receiving unreasonable demands from the vice chair of the board. He talked about the distinction between management and the board and role-clarity.

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