Investigating FireTalk as a replacement for Blab

The Xylem Group has enjoyed our public video conversations using Blab — but that platform has vanished. Here is Robert Ballantyne showing the way to set up and use FireTalk. FireTalk is similar to Blab, and we may decide to use it. Comments are welcome.

Salient Points — before you go to Firetalk:

  1. Sign into your Twitter account
  2. Use only FireFox or Chrome, and in the settings select your mic and camera
  3. With your computer settings select your audio out

Here is the link to the Firetalk broadcast that I created during the tutorial:

And that’s at my personal Firetalk channel: (If you go there, you will see my chat field! Interesting.)

This is a first look at Firetalk… it is not a well-researched tutorial. I (and we) have lots to learn about FireTalk.


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