Note: the times are Pacific Daylight time

08:28:25 From Robert Ballantyne : This is the chat field
08:28:55 From Sherry Jennings : hi.
08:31:04 From JohnB : and Hi from me
08:31:19 From Linda Stier : Hello!
08:34:37 From JohnB : How have we expderienced Zoom so far?
08:34:43 From Sherry Jennings : so the gallery view is limited to four images?
08:34:55 From Robert Ballantyne : Time to be creative in the Chat
08:34:56 From JohnB : Find a fifth
08:35:13 From Linda Stier : President Obama warned President-elect Trump about hiring Michael Flynn during Oval Office meeting in November…CNN
08:35:14 From Robert Ballantyne : Thanks for all your contributions
08:35:38 From Linda Stier : Fact check: Would Trump raises own taxes?
08:35:49 From JohnB : The frech have elected a frechman as president
08:35:59 From Linda Stier : Some schools gan fidget spinners
08:36:09 From Linda Stier : that is ‘ban’ not gan
08:37:10 From Robert Ballantyne : C’mon folks, lot more chats!
08:37:38 From Linda Stier : A shocking poll number we must discuss!!
08:38:11 From Linda Stier : You’ll never guess what Warren Buffett said this weekend.
08:38:57 From JohnB : Twas Brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble at the wabe
08:39:28 From Linda Stier : He’s made billions of dollars in his career, but did you know he’s never made money by selling his now company’s stock?
08:39:34 From JohnB : All mimsy were the borrogroves and moe rathhs outgabe
08:40:06 From Linda Stier : That would be like saying john D. Rockefeller never got anything out of his oil wells. It’s and of remarkable.
08:40:43 From Sherry Jennings : fidget spinners sounds like uncontrollable children
08:40:46 From Linda Stier : Each year, investors both large and small, eagerly await Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders. For many, reading the folksy prose is a cherished tradition.
08:42:05 From Linda Stier : The letter has been the equivalent of Poor Richard’s Almanac. And many Americans who have read it are wealthier because of it.
08:42:28 From JohnB : O Daddy Dear, what is a basket, said a youthful and mischevious elf. All baskets my boy are children of joy, in fact you’re a basket yourself.
08:42:34 From Linda Stier : He finally revealed how his successor would get compensated.
08:42:59 From Linda Stier : The next CEO will already be rich
08:43:27 From Linda Stier : They wouldn’t be motivated by money.
08:44:06 From Linda Stier : The package would include options that increase annually should retained earnings rise. Those options could then be exercised “years after retirement”