Chatroom June 12, 2017

The times listed are Pacific Daylight time

08:40:09 From Sherry Jennings : scroll the mouse down along the bottom of the screen
08:40:12 From JohnB : I’ve hidden myself!
08:43:04 From Sherry Jennings : i found it even worse when others seem to think it’s okay to keep talking about the issue
08:43:30 From JohnB : I don’t understand why it’s OK to not challenge appropriate behaviour.
08:43:53 From JohnB : should read ‘inappropriate’
08:46:34 From Sherry Jennings : do you have any thoughts about publicly elected boards who must meet physically?
08:46:47 From Sherry Jennings : and don’t have a full agenda
08:47:17 From JohnB : Thanks Linda – some good stuff
08:48:08 From Sherry Jennings : good ideas
08:50:53 From Linda : suppose some members want to talk further anyway
08:51:05 From JohnB : Thanks Sherry, very helpful
08:53:07 From Linda : also, can set up protocol ahead of time…agreement on how unfinished conversations will be handled
08:54:08 From Linda : such as, we’ll operate with Robert’s rules
08:54:43 From JohnB : I’m hidden and cannot find myself! I need to leave in 5 mins