Chatroom 2017 June 19

The times listed are Pacific Daylight Time

08:53:47 From Robert J Ballantyne : So, does this become part of the Terms of Reference for the Nominating Committee?
08:54:27 From Linda : the board needs to already be clear about its role and responsibility and what it takes to fulfill that
08:55:26 From Robert J Ballantyne : So Linda, does that mean that some of the board’s governing time is learning more about how to govern?
08:55:33 From Linda : usually boards can’t clearly articulate that…or they relate to some cliche or concept of what their role and responsibility is
08:55:53 From Linda : yes to Robert!
08:56:31 From Robert J Ballantyne : I like it that the board has to ‘write it down.’ The crafting of words does provide clarity.
08:57:20 From Linda : that would be the first place to start
08:57:38 From Robert J Ballantyne : Hah!
08:58:23 From Linda : [aside: I have another call at noon!]
09:00:00 From Robert J Ballantyne : I find that boards often leave too much about governing to the Chair or the Executive Director. Every board member must participate (but not dominate)