“Nonprofit Board Accountability.” — Xylem Group Blab ep #15, July 13

Picture and link to the Blab discussion about the accountability of nonprofit boards

Click to go to the Blab discussion on the accountability of nonprofit boards

On July 13th 2016 members of Xylem asked the question: are nonprofit boards accountable to anyone? Should they be, and to whom — to themselves, to the community, to the members, or to something else? The video replay of the event is online here:

Click link to Blab event page ==> https://blab.im/xylem-nonprofit-board-accountability



You may hear, or download, an audio-only podcast of the Blab event here:

On Wednesday August 3, Xylem will consider “Referendum and Democracy.” You are welcome to participate in the live event. We will post the link at this site.

The live event starts at noon EDT on Wednesdays and you are welcome to join us and participate.
We try to limit the discussion to under one hour. Anyone may join the chat field and may be invited to jump into the video portion. To participate please log onto your Twitter Account first, then go to the blab event. Use Chrome or Firefox. We post the link to the live event here at http://xylem-group.com/.

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